Katshipi Adventures is currently focused on harvest and supply of Ximenia Americana and Ximenia Caffra from the Dukwi, Mathathane and Maun districts.

A three-month pilot project with communities was completed in February 2022, and evaluations in March 2022 looked at pricing and capacity challenges.

Katshipi is now scaling up, including identification and mobilization of new harvester communities, training in biodiversity protection and sustainable harvesting, land acquisition, rewilding and social responsibility projects in communities. This phase will run to December 2025, after which Katshipi will be ready to process Ximenia oil for export.


Katshipi Adventures works with many indigenous plant species, including:

Scientific name Common name Setswana name
Ximenia species Sour plum Moretologa
Sclerocarya birrea Marula Morula
Adansonia digitata Baobab Mowana
Citrullus Lanatus Tsama or Kgalagadi Melon Lekatane
Tylosema esculentum Morama Bean Thamani
Schinziophyton rautanenii Manketti Mongongo
Terfezia pfeilli Kgalagadi Truffle Mahupu
Croton species
Parinari species Mobola Plum Mobola
Kigelia Africana Sausage Tree Moporota
Commiphora species
Croton species