Katshipi Adventures Pty Ltd commercialises Botswana’s indigenous plant species and products for social, economic and environmental benefit.

It is 100% owned by Batswana, and is one of the southern African SMEs being incubated by Biotrade Ventures.

Katshipi works with local communities to source plant materials for commercial use, and identifies international markets for trade and export opportunities.

The company is committed to rural development, biodiversity protection, sustainable harvesting, fair trade and equitable benefits for communities, and adherence to local and international laws and regulations governing biotrade.

Katshipi is based in Lobatse in south east Botswana and operates across the country.

The directors and owners of Katshipi are:

    • Kagiso Gakale - logistics and operations
    • Fredrick Pine Dithapo - indigenous plant research
    • Matshidiso Otlogetswe - sales, marketing and admin
Company aims

    • Ximenia oil production and export
    • Educate communities on the economic potential of Ximenia and the need to conserve it
    • Introduce and scale up other indigenous plant species for commercial use
    • Introduce new technology to Botswana’s biotrade sector
    • Support regulations for sustainable harvesting, protection of biodiversity, and equitable participation of communities in biotrade value chains
    • Partner with local organisations to encourage fair trade, community benefits, sustainable harvesting and biodiversity protection